Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Remember This Post? HAHAHA

Just having a look back a some blogs from earlier on in the season and came across this beauty..... Oh dear silly comments to make....

Yesterday was a relatively normal day until I went onto Twitter to see how the world was getting on, to my surprise I saw a certain Tweet from a certain radio sport talk-show that quite literally made me fall to my knees laughing.
Once I started recovering I became rather annoyed at the report suggesting Manchester City are better then the amazing Arsenal Invincibles team of 2003-2004 season.

Let that soak in for a little while.....

Now don't get me wrong City have been simply awesome this season and fairplay to them but after only 11 games unbeaten does anyone have the right to compare them to a great team and one of the most historic events in English football?.

Arsenal went the whole season unbeaten 26 wins and 12 draws 0 loses and actually went 49 games before being beaten in the league.

This team was built by Wenger without the massive spending power of City who's team probably costs 5-6 times more.

This talk-show also made the comment that Aguero is a better player then Bergkamp.... REALLY??! Talking about adding insult to injury... He's quality but can say that after such a short time it's just not right and makes you think that maybe they should stop talking about football because clearly they have no idea.... What's next? Balotelli better then Henry?!?

Rant over....

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Arsenal V Newcastle Utd

This season has been far from a good one for both fans and club alike but theres light at the end of the tunnel and the silver lining of potential Champions League football that didn't seem possible running into the New Year.

From the opening whistle you could see the hunger in the Arsenal players eyes. I was at the game last night and thought it was pure dominance by the Gunners that almost ended in frustration until the Verminator bundled over a 95th minute winner.

When Newcastle opened the scoring against the run of play in the 14th minute it seemed common place that RVP linked with Theo to strike past Krul no less then 60 seconds later.
At the very point that the equalizer went, Newcastle started playing for the draw with Krul clearly time wasting at every opportunity.

The Arsenal eventually prevailed in the last gasp which has put them just 1 point behind rivals Spurs who have to be looking over there shoulders at both Arsenal and Chelsea who now have that sniff of Europe's top competition
and with their experience running into the last 10 games would you bet against Spurs finishing 5th maybe even 6th??

Thoughts on a postcard......

Monday, 30 January 2012

Score Predictions For Mid-Week Premiership.

After another eventful F.A Cup weekend it's back to the bread and butter of the Premiership this Tuesday & Wednesday and also the predicting competition myself and my co-writer Michael F are having.

Here it goes:

Tuesday Fixtures:----

Swansea v Chelsea
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-3

Spurs v Wigan
PBS: 4-0 MF: 3-1

Wolves v Liverpool
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-1

Everton v Man City
PBS: 1-0 MF: 0-3

Man Utd v Stoke
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Wednesday Fixtures:----

Aston Villa v QPR
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Blackburn v Newcastle
PBS: 2-1 MF: 2-2

Bolton v Arsenal
PBS: 1-1 MF: 1-1

Fulham v WBA
PBS: 2-0 MF: 1-2

Sunderland v Norwich
PBS: 2-1 MF: 1-1

Well these are our predictions and we shall see if I'm still leading the table on Thursday morning.

Good games ahead.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Samba wont be giving his all for Rovers.... oh dear

Another day goes by in the transfer market with Christopher Samba still in Blackburn colours but in my opinion he is digging himself a rather big grave with his latest comments about not being able to give the club 100% effort.

He's obviously trying to force his way out in January but a sensible well, advised player would have kept quiet knowing that he would more then likely move this summer.
The fact he has come out with these comments puts him in a sticky situation if no one comes in with a bid because he will be picked for the team and I'm sure he can expect some Steve Kean style booing around Ewood Park.

I bet he's praying for a new club to come and save him right now.

Is player power getting over the top silly now?....

Answer.... YES

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Who Is The Current Best Shot Stopper In The Premiership?

This is definitely a subject that for me is certainly up for debate and will have many different views and opinions the world over.

While researching this topic I checked through various sites and blogs to see what other people's top 10 keepers in the EPL were. During this time I came across this list from earlier in the season:

10- David de Gea
9- Mark Schwarzer
8- Asmir Bergovic
7- Pepe Reina
6- Brad Friedel
5- Petr Cech
4- Joe Hart
3- Shay Given
2- Tim Krul
1- Wojciech Szczesny

This list was made on October 21st 2011.

While I'm not in total agreement with the list I think it does show a lot about how the season has formed and maybe taken us a little by surprise.?

David de Gea has had a very uncertain start to his life at Man Utd and with a 19 million price tag on his head I think it's fair to say we expected more from the youngster. For this reason he wouldn't make the top 10.

Shay Given is such a good keeper and has looked really handy when he's played but has only just returned from a spell out injured so think by the end of the season could hit the top 10 but currently not.

That's just naming 2 that I would change from that list that I found from earlier in the season.

The question I think is what or how would that list look now as we tip just over the halfway point of the season?

My top 10 keepers in the league,
August 2011 - January 2012

10- Ali Al Habsi
9- Brad Friedel
8- Wayne Hennessey
7- Petr Cech
6- John Ruddy
5- Wojciech Szczesny
4- Pepe Reina
3- Joe Hart
2- Tim Krul
1- Michel Vorm

This would be my list currently which I admit would still be up for debate but is a better reflection of how the season has formed.

What's your version of the top 10 keeper?