Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Which of the Premier Leagues new boys are in the best position to survive?

I have seen a couple of games this season featuring new boys QPR, Norwich and Swansea and have to say I've had mixed emotions on who will survive in the ever difficult Premiership.
Now all three teams have played with heart and a determination that is definitely needed for survival but at the same time have made some mistakes that can only come with the inexperience they have at top level.

I think the most notable news in the summer was that QPR were bought out and spent some money on some bigger names such as Barton, Wright-Phillips, Young (Luke) among others, while the other two teams made signings but none with massive top flight experience.

Automatically due to this reason you would think that puts QPR favorites to achieve at a higher level but looking at their last result against Fulham where they were mauled 6-0 combined with the performances of Norwich at Old Trafford where they can be well within their rights to think they should've won against a high flying Utd side, and Swansea's 2-0 win against a very good Stoke City side then for me things are wide open in a league that could drag 8-10 teams into a relegation dog fight.

So with Norwich, Swansea and QPR in 9th, 10th and 11th respectively all on 8 points whats your thoughts on their futures?


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