Monday, 30 January 2012

Score Predictions For Mid-Week Premiership.

After another eventful F.A Cup weekend it's back to the bread and butter of the Premiership this Tuesday & Wednesday and also the predicting competition myself and my co-writer Michael F are having.

Here it goes:

Tuesday Fixtures:----

Swansea v Chelsea
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-3

Spurs v Wigan
PBS: 4-0 MF: 3-1

Wolves v Liverpool
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-1

Everton v Man City
PBS: 1-0 MF: 0-3

Man Utd v Stoke
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Wednesday Fixtures:----

Aston Villa v QPR
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Blackburn v Newcastle
PBS: 2-1 MF: 2-2

Bolton v Arsenal
PBS: 1-1 MF: 1-1

Fulham v WBA
PBS: 2-0 MF: 1-2

Sunderland v Norwich
PBS: 2-1 MF: 1-1

Well these are our predictions and we shall see if I'm still leading the table on Thursday morning.

Good games ahead.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Samba wont be giving his all for Rovers.... oh dear

Another day goes by in the transfer market with Christopher Samba still in Blackburn colours but in my opinion he is digging himself a rather big grave with his latest comments about not being able to give the club 100% effort.

He's obviously trying to force his way out in January but a sensible well, advised player would have kept quiet knowing that he would more then likely move this summer.
The fact he has come out with these comments puts him in a sticky situation if no one comes in with a bid because he will be picked for the team and I'm sure he can expect some Steve Kean style booing around Ewood Park.

I bet he's praying for a new club to come and save him right now.

Is player power getting over the top silly now?....

Answer.... YES

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Who Is The Current Best Shot Stopper In The Premiership?

This is definitely a subject that for me is certainly up for debate and will have many different views and opinions the world over.

While researching this topic I checked through various sites and blogs to see what other people's top 10 keepers in the EPL were. During this time I came across this list from earlier in the season:

10- David de Gea
9- Mark Schwarzer
8- Asmir Bergovic
7- Pepe Reina
6- Brad Friedel
5- Petr Cech
4- Joe Hart
3- Shay Given
2- Tim Krul
1- Wojciech Szczesny

This list was made on October 21st 2011.

While I'm not in total agreement with the list I think it does show a lot about how the season has formed and maybe taken us a little by surprise.?

David de Gea has had a very uncertain start to his life at Man Utd and with a 19 million price tag on his head I think it's fair to say we expected more from the youngster. For this reason he wouldn't make the top 10.

Shay Given is such a good keeper and has looked really handy when he's played but has only just returned from a spell out injured so think by the end of the season could hit the top 10 but currently not.

That's just naming 2 that I would change from that list that I found from earlier in the season.

The question I think is what or how would that list look now as we tip just over the halfway point of the season?

My top 10 keepers in the league,
August 2011 - January 2012

10- Ali Al Habsi
9- Brad Friedel
8- Wayne Hennessey
7- Petr Cech
6- John Ruddy
5- Wojciech Szczesny
4- Pepe Reina
3- Joe Hart
2- Tim Krul
1- Michel Vorm

This would be my list currently which I admit would still be up for debate but is a better reflection of how the season has formed.

What's your version of the top 10 keeper?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Arsenal V Manchester United The Preview.

Well where do you start with this one?! Maybe 8-2 to United way back at the start of the season?

This result will be in the back of everyone's mind going into the match both fans and players alike.
Fact is I think this was one of those freak results that happen once in a while and at the Emirate today at 1600
It'll be a different story.

The Arsenal players seemed fired up and want to have a revenge mission that sees their own season get back on track.

It's a very hard one to predict for me as both sides have been seriously dented by injuries. I can see a draw written all over this one but Arsenal fans would happily take a 90th minute winner by Henry to get everyone smiling at the Emirate once again.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Manchester City V Tottenham Hotspur The Preview

Many people will consider today a league title showdown between arguably the 2 most exciting teams in the premiership this season...

This is a very hard one to call, Man City will fancy their chances as their home form is unbelievably great but the way Spurs play could quite conceivably dent that respectable record.

The main argument for Spurs fans expecting a win from their team would probably be the loss of the Toure brothers and Kompany and even though they will be missing Adebayor themselves, would you ever back against Defoe?? I think not..

That being said I'm going to go with an absolute thrilling 3-2 victory for Man City which will firm their place at the top of the table and make Spurs rethink their title hopes.

Norwich Hold Chelsea To A 0-0

Norwich City achieved their first clean sheet since being back in the Premierleague and in turn kept Chelsea from earning 3 points which has to ultimately end any hopes of the title depending on other results of course.

Another talking point will be one more game gone without Nando scoring and even though Ruddy did so well to stop him scoring it still doesn't reflect well on the out of form Spanish international.

So is champions league qualification the best the blues can hope for? And is that even going to happen?

Who knows....

Friday, 20 January 2012

My Weekend Premierleague Predictions.

I thought each week from now until the end of the season I would give the old prediction game a go along with new football talk writer Michael F.

In this little bit of competition between each other we have decided we will receive 1 point for the correct result and 3 points for the correct scoreline.

Feel free to join in and test your own prediction ability with ours.

Saturday Fixtures:----------

Norwich v Chelsea
PBS: 2-1 MF: 1-2

Everton v Blackburn
PBS: 2-2 MF: 2-1

Fulham v Newcastle
PBS: 0-2 MF: 1-1

QPR v Wigan
PBS: 3-1 MF: 1-2

Stoke v West Brom
PBS: 1-1 MF 1-1

Sunderland v Swansea
PBS: 2-0 MF: 3-0

Wolves v Aston Villa
PBS: 2-1 MF: 1-1

Bolton v Liverpool
PBS: 1-1 MF: 0-4

Sunday Fixtures:----------

Man City v Spurs
PBS: 3-2 MF: 1-3

Arsenal v Man Utd
PBS: 1-1 MF: 8-2

Well there we go for this weeks prediction game, not sure about Michaels Arsenal scoreline but dreaming is believing as they say.

All in all another potential great weekend ahead of us and some fantastic fixtures, let's hope it lives up to it.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Drogba To China?

According to a Chinese newspaper Didier Drogba is very close to completing his move to Shanghai Shenhua to link up with Anelka who moved earlier this month.

Is this really a good move for Chelsea?? If true then they will be losing a real goal scorer when Torres still can't hit the target and Sturridge is still being played out wide.

I would say that this would be a clear sign that Chelsea will be seeking a new striker but who??

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Did Anyone See The Swans Coming?

Going into the game at the weekend just gone, Swansea would've considered themselves having a good campaign in their first season in the Premiership and now after the 3-2 victory over Arsenal this fact is surely confirmed on more of an official basis.

The Swans are up to 10th and with only 1 defeat at home and that was to Manchester Utd so can really be forgiven. Things are looking great for the Welsh team.

I'm not one for upsetting a team while they are on such a high but they will have to watch out that their home form doesn't drop off due to the fact that their away form currently isn't good enough.

This whole story reminds me of Blackpool last season who were having a stormer due to their good home form but as soon as they struggled for victories at home the game was up and they were relegated at the first time of asking.

All that a side, I'm sure the fans will take it as it comes and for now at least are enjoying the fantastic season that they are having.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Will The Tevez Saga End In This Window?!

As it stands every other day Tevez is either going to Inter Milan or Ac Milan and infact now PSG are sniffing around but with all the talk we still don't seem to be getting any closer to an actual real life deal.

So.... Will he actually depart in January or will City fans have to hear about his goings on for another 6 months?.

I find it strange though as probably everyone does that he wanted to move away from City to be closer to his family in Argentina, but finds himself on a likely move to Italy??? You don't have to be amazing at geography to figure that one out.

In conclusion, it's a shame Carlos Tevez won't be gracing the English top flight with his ability any longer but as he tends to leave a trail of destruction, whatever club has the pleasure next will be keeping close tabs on him for sure.

Monday, 16 January 2012

EPL Weekend Roundup..

Saturday results:

Aston Villa 1-1 Everton
Blackburn 3-1 Fulham
Chelsea 1-0 Sunderland
Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City
Man Utd 3-0 Bolton
Tottenham 1-1 Wolves
West Brom 1-2 Norwich

Sunday results:

Newcastle 1-0 QPR
Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

Monday fixtures:

Wigan v Man City

It was yet another good weekend of football in the Premier league with Man Utd getting back on track with a 3-0 victory over in trouble Bolton.
This win will no doubt place the pressure on City to beat Wigan tonight and depending which Wigan turns out Man City could be de-railed with another bad result.

Spurs were held to a 1-1 draw with wolves and it seemed like Redknapp had changed his mind on their challenge on the title and downgraded their chances by saying that top 4 would be good enough.

The other main highlights of the weekend had to be Blackburn climbing out of the drop zone with a 3-1 win over Fulham despite being down to 10 men for a lot of the match.


Swansea City showed that at home they are almost unstoppable with a 3-2 win over Arsenal and in turn denting Arsenals chances of a top 4 finish especially as Man Utd are their next opponents ... We all know how the last game turned out on that one ...

So we wait for the next instalment of the unpredictable Premiership and personally I cannot wait.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Alex To Transfer To Rs?

Chelsea have confirmed that they have had an offer in for transfer listed central defender Alex.

The offer they have received is believed to be by QPR and in the region of 3 million pounds which the blues have hinted that it doesn't meet valuation.

It's likely QPR will will over a little more and as long as the Cahill deal goes through I'm sure Chelsea will sell.

So is this a good signing for QPR? I think it's probably a very good transfer for them and I'm convinced we haven't seen the best out of him as of yet.
He has huge experience at top level football which could be vital if Hughes is to guide his new team to top flight safety.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hughes Signs For QPR...

I ask fans straight off what's your true thoughts on this signing for the Rs?.

It seems all a bit strange that Warnock gets sacked due to a stretch of poor results and the within just 2 days he is replaced... This suggests to me that Warnocks replacement was set up and his sacking was going to happen regardless of results.

The other thing about Hughes going to QPR would be is it the right move?

Will Hughes spend money, achieve survival, get noticed by a bigger club then ditch QPR like he did Fulham?!

I quite like Hughes as a manager but this all seems a bit of a strange one.

Henrys Dream Return...

As an Arsenal fan I was very excited about potentially seeing our living legend return.
Although we all know Thierry is no longer 24 we all prayed that he would score and as always he stepped up to the plate after just 10 minutes into his 2nd debut he scored the winner against Leeds in simply typical Henry style.

12 goals in 12 games against Leeds is some stat and Simon Graysons face dropped when he saw Songs through ball go to Henrys feet on the inside left channel... The rest is history and for all real Arsenal fans everywhere what an epic event,the Emirates was ready to burst with emotion and Thierry himself stopped just short of crying.

Even if Thierry doesn't score again on this loan period we will always have this moment and for that we thank the man, the legend, the god that is......


Sunday, 8 January 2012

QPR Replacement Manager?

It's not even official that Neil Warnock has left yet and already talks of Mark Hughes replacing him has hit twitter.

Would this be the right route to go down?! Can Hughes do something that Warnock can't?

Who would be your replacement?

Warnock Gone?!?!

Reports are circling around that Neil Warnock has left QPR not sure if it's of his own accord or even if it's true as there's been nothing official yet.

Fans yesterday were very unhappy with the F.A Cup performance but surely that can't be the reason?

Many will say the hierarchy will want a bigger name in charge and what better time then the January transfer window?

What's your thoughts guys??

Manchester Derby Ends In Utd Win...

Bragging rights have returned to the red half of Manchester after today's F.A Cup 3rd round victory.

Man City will feel a little hard done by after Kompany was sent off aswell as at one point being 3-0 behind but all credit to City when they hit 2 back with a well worked freekick by Kolarov and a goal by Aguaro but it was all to little to late.

So after a good victory by Utd, a wonderful performance by Rooney and the return of Scholes does this give The Red Devils the momentum? Is the ball back in there court? We shall see....

Friday, 6 January 2012

Henry Move Now Official.

The deal for Thierry Henry on a 2 month loan from New York Red Bulls has officially been signed off meaning he can play in the F.A cup 3rd round tie against Leeds Utd.

According to reports he will be put straight into the lineup as Wenger wants to rest Van Persie.
This is going to bring back the glory days for all Arsenal fans all over the world.

Arsenal fans won't be expecting miracles but I think most fans would agree it's a deal well worth doing just for the fact of having a winner in every sense of the word once again gracing the Gunners.

Now it's official what's your thoughts on this move.?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Has The Festive Schedule Decided The Top 4?

As usual it's been a very hectic fixture list over the festive period but as we look at the league table here in the first week of January, are we seeing the realistic final four?

Current top 7....

1• Manchester City. Points - 48
2• Manchester Utd. Points - 45
3• Tottenham H. Points - 42
4• Chelsea. Points - 37
5• Arsenal. Points - 36
6• Liverpool. Points - 34
7• Newcastle Utd. Points - 33

While looking at the league as it stands it becomes apparent to me that Spurs really find themselves in with a chance of completing for the league title.
Not only were they the only team not to lose over the Christmas & new year they also have a game in hand which if they win will leave them level on points with Man Utd and therefore just three points behind Man City.

After the last few matches alot of people from fans to pundits will consider Manchester Utd in real trouble after losses to Blackburn and Newcastle respectively but in reality they are still up there.

My main question to football fans everywhere as the title suggests, is the top four decided or do Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle still have a chance?

In conclusion my personal opinion is that apart from Spurs no one in the premiership is majorly consistent right now and for me that leaves the top four very much wide open.
With 18 games still to play it's anyone's game and I wouldn't be so confident that the top 4 we currently have in place will still be firm by the time May comes around.

Michael F.

Is Harry Playing The Market Again?

In the Times newspaper today it is reported that Tottenham Hotspur are preparing a bid of 15 million pounds for Blackburns Christopher Samba & Junior Hoilett.

If for some reason struggling Rovers go for such a deal then Redknapp would've pulled off a couple of awesome signings and surely strengthen Spurs enough to be considered potential champions.?!

Many people will think yes...

What's your thoughts?

Warnock Is Ready To Spend To Survive...

QPR have already brought in the loan signing of Frederico Macheda from Manchester United until the end of the season but Neil Warnock wants more players signed in their fight to stay in the Premierleague.

How many more players will we see QPR sign?


How much will Warnock need to spend to survive?

Have Southampton Been De-Railed?

Friday: Southampton 0-1 Bristol City
Monday: Brighton 3-0 Southampton

Will those of Southampton's last 2 results end their chance of automatic promotion?

This might sound like a strange question as they are still top of the Npower Championship on goal difference but we see this kind of situation all the time where teams trail off as the season moves along.

The Saints haven't really had a major bad patch as of yet so maybe this maybe it so they will want to be getting on the winning road again as soon as possible.

This January Adkins will want to bring in some new faces to try and bolster their challenge but here's my question:

Will we see Southampton back in the Premierleague next season?

Headlines: Suarez Says Sorry.

The reds striker has apologized for his role in the reason racism issue between himself and Patrice Evra but hasn't actually directed the apology at the player himself.

Headlines: Alex.... Destination QPR?

It has been suggested that Alex might make the short journey from Chelsea to QPR for a bargain price of 3 million pounds.

What's your thoughts on this potential deal?

Headlines: Toure Brothers Set To Miss Derby

Mancini was hopeful of keeping them for Sundays match before releasing them to for international duty but the Ivory Coast coach has said that he fully expects the Man City players to meet in Paris as scheduled before the start of the African cup of nations.

Does this come as good news for Man Utd?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Are Spurs Real Contenders?

After Jermaine Defoe scored the winning goal against West Brom last night the question still stands....

Should we all be considering Tottenham Hotspur as genuine title contenders?

I've been thinking no all the way along but with each game that goes by it looks more and more like a possibility.

What's your thoughts on it guys?

Are they serious or just wannabes?

The ONeil Way...

Wigan 1-4 Sunderland. Last nights win for Sunderland lead them into 10th position in the league meaning Martin O'Neil has literally dragged them out of the problem area of relegation.

We all know O'Neil is a quality manager but do we underestimate just how good he is?

Sunderland fans will be enjoying this immensely after the start they have had and now will feel they can push on and have the season everyone was expecting back in August.

The main question I think is could we see Sunderland do an Aston Villa under O'Neil and see consistant top 6 finishes?

Newcastle Utd Vs Manchester Utd

If tonight wasn't a big enough game before then the fact Manchester City strolled past Liverpool adds to the spice that we are bound to see.

It's an important match for Man Utd to win, the worse case scenario could potentially be that they would be 3 points behind City and then if City beat them in the F.A cup Utd could be in serious trouble.

All that in mind it's probably a good game for the Magpies to be in right now because there's no real pressure on them to win.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Newcastle could win this match.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Will The Manchester Derby Affect The League?

It's the F.A cup 3rd round this weekend with probably the main highlight being City vs Utd at 13:00 on Sunday.

For me I think it's going to be more interesting then your normal derby match.. My question is will this game have a psychological boost for the winners in terms of the Premiership? Or will it simply not matter apart from being in the 4th round of course?!

Anyway the 3rd round of the world famous cup is always a good spectical and something to look forward to.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Has Lampard Saved AVB?

It looked for a split second that Chelsea were going to go 5 games without victory until super Frank scored when it really counted at the relief of everyone to do with the club.

The person maybe most relieved about tonights result must be AVB because surely the pressure on him to be sacked wouldve be massive had they not won?!

Even though the blues have won today fans will still be wondering whats happening and will be hopefully looking forward to a transfer bolstering January...

Will Jol Keep Zamora?

After this evenings 90th minute winning goal against Arsenal I'm sure Zamora will be feeling rather humble and quite rightly so many will feel.

Does this show that Fulham really can't do without Zamora and Johnson who have reportedly fallen out with boss Martin Jol and if you believe the papers are on their way out of Craven Cottage.?

The massive question to Fulham fans is will Jol be able to hold in his ego and welcome back the boys into the team for the sake of the sake of the season?

I guess we shall find out by the end of January either way?!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Q&A Time With My Blogs Newest Writer

I'm very excited to be expanding my blog with an extra 2 writers this month who are both close friends of mine and have agreed to be involved in entertaining you.

One of the writers will not be writing until late January as he is still at Uni but today I'd like to introduce Michael Fleck who will be posting at regular intervals along with myself.

As an introduction I asked him 5 questions as to be able to break the ice with you all:

Q1- Which football team do you support?

A- The one and only Saints (Southampton)

Q2- Do you get to watch much football to be able to make valid points on this blog?

A- I am a Saints season ticket holder so I see and awful lot of championship games, in addition to that my brother is a Chelsea season ticket holder so I travel to the big smoke quite often to watch some Premier league footy.

Q3- What are your future aims?

A- Since finishing Uni after completing a degree in sports journalism my aim has to be just that which is why I'm helping you in my spare time.

Q4- How often will you be writing on this blog?

A- As often as need be but more then likely once a week.

Q5- What is your thoughts on this season so far?

A- Well I won't go too deeply into this right now as we will be here for ages but my personal feeling on it is basically I think we will see the fourth team crowned champions since the league began, that team being Man City.
I do believe that every other position is up for grabs though and the top four is by no means clear cut.
Down the other end of the table my personal view is that it's a dog fight between 6-8 teams.

Interesting thoughts there Mikey and I'm sure you'll want to delve into it in more depth in the coming weeks but for now welcome to FootballTalk and let's hope for some awesome blogs.