Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Henrys Dream Return...

As an Arsenal fan I was very excited about potentially seeing our living legend return.
Although we all know Thierry is no longer 24 we all prayed that he would score and as always he stepped up to the plate after just 10 minutes into his 2nd debut he scored the winner against Leeds in simply typical Henry style.

12 goals in 12 games against Leeds is some stat and Simon Graysons face dropped when he saw Songs through ball go to Henrys feet on the inside left channel... The rest is history and for all real Arsenal fans everywhere what an epic event,the Emirates was ready to burst with emotion and Thierry himself stopped just short of crying.

Even if Thierry doesn't score again on this loan period we will always have this moment and for that we thank the man, the legend, the god that is......



  1. There is only 1 Thierry Henry.... What. A. Legend. :)

  2. Totally agree what a buzz when he scored.... Hooray Henry.