Sunday, 22 January 2012

Arsenal V Manchester United The Preview.

Well where do you start with this one?! Maybe 8-2 to United way back at the start of the season?

This result will be in the back of everyone's mind going into the match both fans and players alike.
Fact is I think this was one of those freak results that happen once in a while and at the Emirate today at 1600
It'll be a different story.

The Arsenal players seemed fired up and want to have a revenge mission that sees their own season get back on track.

It's a very hard one to predict for me as both sides have been seriously dented by injuries. I can see a draw written all over this one but Arsenal fans would happily take a 90th minute winner by Henry to get everyone smiling at the Emirate once again.


  1. Cud be any scoreline... I'm going to go 2-1 to Arsenal but I'm not sure why?

  2. A draw wouldve been a fair result in the end but another blunder costs the gooners... doesnt look great for them dont remember last time they lost 3 games in a row and 2 of them shouldve been wins at least.