Friday, 27 January 2012

Samba wont be giving his all for Rovers.... oh dear

Another day goes by in the transfer market with Christopher Samba still in Blackburn colours but in my opinion he is digging himself a rather big grave with his latest comments about not being able to give the club 100% effort.

He's obviously trying to force his way out in January but a sensible well, advised player would have kept quiet knowing that he would more then likely move this summer.
The fact he has come out with these comments puts him in a sticky situation if no one comes in with a bid because he will be picked for the team and I'm sure he can expect some Steve Kean style booing around Ewood Park.

I bet he's praying for a new club to come and save him right now.

Is player power getting over the top silly now?....

Answer.... YES

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