Monday, 30 January 2012

Score Predictions For Mid-Week Premiership.

After another eventful F.A Cup weekend it's back to the bread and butter of the Premiership this Tuesday & Wednesday and also the predicting competition myself and my co-writer Michael F are having.

Here it goes:

Tuesday Fixtures:----

Swansea v Chelsea
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-3

Spurs v Wigan
PBS: 4-0 MF: 3-1

Wolves v Liverpool
PBS: 2-1 MF: 0-1

Everton v Man City
PBS: 1-0 MF: 0-3

Man Utd v Stoke
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Wednesday Fixtures:----

Aston Villa v QPR
PBS: 1-1 MF: 2-0

Blackburn v Newcastle
PBS: 2-1 MF: 2-2

Bolton v Arsenal
PBS: 1-1 MF: 1-1

Fulham v WBA
PBS: 2-0 MF: 1-2

Sunderland v Norwich
PBS: 2-1 MF: 1-1

Well these are our predictions and we shall see if I'm still leading the table on Thursday morning.

Good games ahead.

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