Sunday, 1 January 2012

Q&A Time With My Blogs Newest Writer

I'm very excited to be expanding my blog with an extra 2 writers this month who are both close friends of mine and have agreed to be involved in entertaining you.

One of the writers will not be writing until late January as he is still at Uni but today I'd like to introduce Michael Fleck who will be posting at regular intervals along with myself.

As an introduction I asked him 5 questions as to be able to break the ice with you all:

Q1- Which football team do you support?

A- The one and only Saints (Southampton)

Q2- Do you get to watch much football to be able to make valid points on this blog?

A- I am a Saints season ticket holder so I see and awful lot of championship games, in addition to that my brother is a Chelsea season ticket holder so I travel to the big smoke quite often to watch some Premier league footy.

Q3- What are your future aims?

A- Since finishing Uni after completing a degree in sports journalism my aim has to be just that which is why I'm helping you in my spare time.

Q4- How often will you be writing on this blog?

A- As often as need be but more then likely once a week.

Q5- What is your thoughts on this season so far?

A- Well I won't go too deeply into this right now as we will be here for ages but my personal feeling on it is basically I think we will see the fourth team crowned champions since the league began, that team being Man City.
I do believe that every other position is up for grabs though and the top four is by no means clear cut.
Down the other end of the table my personal view is that it's a dog fight between 6-8 teams.

Interesting thoughts there Mikey and I'm sure you'll want to delve into it in more depth in the coming weeks but for now welcome to FootballTalk and let's hope for some awesome blogs.

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