Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Did Anyone See The Swans Coming?

Going into the game at the weekend just gone, Swansea would've considered themselves having a good campaign in their first season in the Premiership and now after the 3-2 victory over Arsenal this fact is surely confirmed on more of an official basis.

The Swans are up to 10th and with only 1 defeat at home and that was to Manchester Utd so can really be forgiven. Things are looking great for the Welsh team.

I'm not one for upsetting a team while they are on such a high but they will have to watch out that their home form doesn't drop off due to the fact that their away form currently isn't good enough.

This whole story reminds me of Blackpool last season who were having a stormer due to their good home form but as soon as they struggled for victories at home the game was up and they were relegated at the first time of asking.

All that a side, I'm sure the fans will take it as it comes and for now at least are enjoying the fantastic season that they are having.

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