Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bad Week for Chelsea...

Well just over a week has gone since the QPR match and the count is as follows:
  • 6 goals conceded
  • 2 Red cards
  • 2 loses
  • 1 racism investigation
and finally....... 1 slip that may have ended Chelsea's title hopes already and its only just touching into November.
Granted its not the end of the world but conceding 5 goals at the Bridge against London rivals Arsenal just didn't seem like the team we have been used to seeing since the Russian revolution began.

Where do Chelsea go from here?

The Blues will need to go and get a morale lifting victory tonight against Genk in the Champions League otherwise the away visit to Blackburn on Saturday could prove to be a very difficult task as it was when Arsenal lost to Rovers after a confidence draining start.

So are they going through a similar issue as their north London rivals or is this simply just a blip? either way the fans will be expecting an uplifting 7 days with 2 wins and if not then the restlessness could set in and that only spells bad news....

What do you think?

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