Thursday, 3 November 2011

Europa League Passion Is Back.

Watching our English sides in the Europa League this season has so far been a pleasure... At last it's being taken more seriously and we are getting great performances because of it.

I am currently watching the Fulham match and I have to day Andy Johnson and Bobby Zamora are playing superb along with the rest of the players.

I can honestly see all of the English teams Fulham, Stoke, Birmingham & Tottenham going far in this competition and that can only be a bonus for the English game, it really shows there's more to the Premierleague then the top 4.

Anyway just a short blog to say well done to the Europa League teams this year and long may their run of good performances continue.


  1. yea gud to see but not sure spurs really are bothering with it?

  2. I love the Europa League.... It's a great league for those who cannot sustain CL level and they get better.