Friday, 30 December 2011

January Comes Early....

News that Bolton have confirmed a price with Chelsea for Gary Cahill and Thierry Henry will be going back to the Emirates for a 2 month loan all sorted before Jan 1st makes for interesting reading.

Obviously paperwork still has to be done but the deals are as good as in the bag.

Is this a suggestion that January will be a busy time or another frustrating winter sale for fans?

The news that Chelsea might be willing to break the British transfer record 2 Januarys in a row is a strange revelation to me.... I mean surely there's such thing as learning from your mistakes? And what would this mean if indeed Chelsea did purchase the Hulk from Porto? Torres out? Drogba out? Sturridge benched? Or will they all live happily ever after knocking in 20 a piece?

My question is... Will this be an inspired move by AVB or and incredible mistake?

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