Saturday, 31 December 2011

Whats Your Top Four?!

This season is shaping up to be one of the most open and exciting since the Premiership started.

My personal view is that while Man City and Man Utd are sitting pretty at the top of the league it's not as clear cut as at the start of the season.

Fact is Man City has a team full of class but they have never been in a Premiership title run-in SO will that work against them?

Man Utd are still going strong and 99% of the time are much stronger in the second half of the season then the first but injuries are still a factor and 1 or 2 more could derail their challenge.... With these potential factors does that bring Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool back in with a shout?

My top four prediction is:

1- Manchester City
2- Arsenal
3- Manchester Utd
4- Tottenham Hotspur

Now I know this won't be everyone's idea of the top four infact probably no ones but watch this space.

Let me know your top fours....


  1. My Top 4:

    1:Manchester City
    2:Manchester United
    3:Tottenham Hotspur

  2. Mine has to be:

    1-man city
    2-man Utd