Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Remember This Post? HAHAHA

Just having a look back a some blogs from earlier on in the season and came across this beauty..... Oh dear silly comments to make....

Yesterday was a relatively normal day until I went onto Twitter to see how the world was getting on, to my surprise I saw a certain Tweet from a certain radio sport talk-show that quite literally made me fall to my knees laughing.
Once I started recovering I became rather annoyed at the report suggesting Manchester City are better then the amazing Arsenal Invincibles team of 2003-2004 season.

Let that soak in for a little while.....

Now don't get me wrong City have been simply awesome this season and fairplay to them but after only 11 games unbeaten does anyone have the right to compare them to a great team and one of the most historic events in English football?.

Arsenal went the whole season unbeaten 26 wins and 12 draws 0 loses and actually went 49 games before being beaten in the league.

This team was built by Wenger without the massive spending power of City who's team probably costs 5-6 times more.

This talk-show also made the comment that Aguero is a better player then Bergkamp.... REALLY??! Talking about adding insult to injury... He's quality but can say that after such a short time it's just not right and makes you think that maybe they should stop talking about football because clearly they have no idea.... What's next? Balotelli better then Henry?!?

Rant over....


  1. LOL
    Arsenal 1 Manchester City 0
    Says the whole story.

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