Thursday, 13 October 2011

Can The Premier League Trophy Find A Different Home?

The season is still in the early stages but its shaping up with both Manchester clubs being favourites to take home the title. My question is.... does anyone else have a realistic chance in winning the league?

Most people will say Chelsea are the only team that can stop Manchester dominating proceedings but what about Liverpool, Spurs maybe Arsenal, Villa or even Newcastle after the unbeaten start they have had?

Currently the way the table is set up one or two bad results for City/Utd and a handfull of clubs are back in the hunt, now i know this stage of the season its abit early to think that way but my thoughts are that if you are not a City/Utd fan then you have to hang onto the thoughts that the title race is not over in mid-October after the amazing starts the top two have had.

Whats your thoughts on how its gone so far?

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