Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Premier League Returns.

With mixed emotions on the international break for the home nations its back to the bread and butter of the league this weekend.

This weeks fixtures:


Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Aston Villa
Norwich v Swansea
QPR v Blackburn
Stoke v Fulham
Wigan v Bolton
Chelsea v Everton


West Brom v Wolves
Arsenal v Sunderland
Newcastle v Tottenham

The one fixture that stands out this weekend will be the early kick-off at Anfield between Liverpool and Man Utd.
This game never fails to gain the attention, wheather its due to the quality of football, sendings off or just the heated war of words between managements and this weekends match should be no different.

With Man Utd being on 19 points and Liverpool being on 13 alot of people will consider this game important for the continuation in Liverpools revival, if Utd ended the weekend on 22 points Liverpool would already be 9 points behind the champions where as if Liverpool got themselves a win 19 points to 16 looks much better and could add Liverpool into the potential league winners group of Utd, City and Chelsea.

Looking at the other fixtures I think the City v Villa game could be very interesting indeed as both teams still find themselves undefeated along with Utd and something give? will one team see their first lose? many will think its in the bag for Man City but im not so sure its as clear cut.

Three fixtures that could be just as important but for reasons further down the table are
Norwich v Swansea,QPR v Blackburn and Wigan v Bolton.

Norwich and Swansea are both joint on 8 points so a win for either team would propel them into a great position but if you're a betting man you'd probably go for the draw which both teams would likely take as a good result.

QPR on the same points as Norwich and Swansea find themselves at home to second from bottom Blackburn and after their terrible result against Fulham will be determined not to fall foul again but Blackburn will be hoping to kickstart their season and realive the pressure, even if its just for a little bit.

Wigan 18th hosting Bolton 20th is arguably the most interesting fixture out of the 3... if either team lose the  confidence that they started the season with could really be dented and would really find themselves early favourites for will be watching this one with interest, nerves and hope.

The last two fixtures on Saturday Chelsea v Everton and Stoke v Fulham i think are both worth a watch with Chelsea and Fulham having high scoring wins last time around will they be able to carry that through? wWe shall see.

Sundays fixtures could make for a very interesting day too with Newcastle being unbeaten still and Spurs still on a high after a North London derby win...Arsenal  and Sunderland will want to put a stop to their very average starts to this season and West Brom v Wolves which is always a heated occasion and will be a very hard game to predict.

All in all this weekend could prove to be a classic with early season hopes on the line and potential must win games across the ball, i know ill be watching with interest and personally hope the Arsenal can start heading in the right direction.

Who ever you support have your say.



  1. Interested to see what happens when QPR take on Blackburn. Feel that if Blackburn loose this the pressure on Steve Keen will be extreme.

  2. Yeah definately agree and the last thing he needs is more pressure.... If rovers lose he'll surely be gone?