Thursday, 6 October 2011

Chamberlain Scores 3 in England U21 win....

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got himself a hat-trick with another impressive display and in a team starting with Chamberlain on the right wing and Lansbury on the left the future could be bright for Arsenal aswell as England.

England U-21s continue their 100% start and face Denmark on Monday for a tough match where they may be without Delfouneso and , all in all though a good result which we all hope the seniors can reproduce tomorrow night.

I personally think Stuart Pearce should get brownie points for the job he's done at U-21 level, he's been in charge now for quite a while and has installed real passion in the youth of this nation which on occasions puts the senior team to shame.

Now just putting it out there wouldn't it make sense for Pearce to take over at the helm after Euro 2012? I mean he's brought these boys up and he knows what the future holds for England playerwise... I think he would really shake things up and provide some of that steel that we have seemingly lacked for quite a while now.
Hes the kind of manager that could easily install an us against them mentality which really is essential when in charge of England.

Is Pearce a real contender for the job?


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